What I‘m currently into…

Just wanted to update that I‘m currently much more into Twitter than blogging, as the micro-format, the sometimes chat-style interactions are what I‘m able to do more than writing longer, coherent text.

Besides problematic things you see on Twitter (just like in many places on the net and in 3d life), I‘ve found great people, quite diverse and often living in intersections and advocating in an intersectional way.

This also helped me find out more about additional points of intersection I‘m in. I found out that I‘m not the run-of-the-mill binary trans woman, but rather quite a bit non-binary myself, thus I claimed the identity „non-binary trans woman“, expressing that I‘m socially mostly a woman, that I‘m trans, but not fully, but in part, instead/additionally, as none/other. This is no in-between thing for me, like e.g. intergender (which is, of course also a valid gender/subspectrum of genders). I don‘t feel like I‘ve got „male aspects“ or „between male and female“, or similar with „man/woman“ or „masculine/feminine“ wording. I notice I, for example, feel left out when people say/write „men and women“, or otherwise use binarist assumptions, in general or on me.

Besides that, I‘ve also discovered way great autistic advocacy (check the hash tags #AutismMeans [which in fact is a hash tag series], #ActuallyAutistic, #autchat for example; note that they are supposed to be safe space for and by autistic/similarly neurodivergent people) and the neurodiversity movement. This helped me (re-)discover that I‘m autistic myself, by the way, by learning what being autistic actually can mean, especially in less stereotypical expressions and intersections (i.e. being not a cis man, for example).

One part of autistic advocacy is countering those who do „autism awareness“ in a detrimental, hateful way. This will warrant a separate post, though, which is upcoming.

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